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Authentically Politically Incorrect

Protein World

Via your classmate Mathuri, this campaign from Protein World, a UK-based brand of supplements, has caused an uproar.

Promising a beach-ready body enraged consumers who resented the skinny standard to which they are perpetually held. Rather than back down from backlash, Protein World ramped-up.

protein world tweet

Protein World either made and authentic stand about its core values, or lost thousands of potential consumers. Time for you to weigh in (HA!)


Mickey D’s: Going for a Do-Over

After noting McDonald’s tests for an ambitious design-your-own sandwich Create Your Taste initiative, it was interesting to see the latest news on the project. Apparently, the company has scaled down its program to something now called TasteCrafted, which is faster and can be offered through the drive-through (which is important, as drive through traffic represents a significant percentage of sales at McDonalds).

Clearly, executives still feel that customization is critical to the chain’s turn-around efforts. Are they right?