Guys just wanna have fun…

Don't blame the messanger: image by novelty retailer David and Goliath

Don’t blame the messenger: image by novelty retailer David and Goliath

Brands appealing to one gender vs. the other seem to be a class topic of late. Here are two examples, via your classmate Ian, of brands producing marketing communications that target young men: Boston Pizza and Dollar Shave Club, respectively.

Ian says they’re entertaining, memorable and have strong brand associations….but then, he’s in the target audience.

What to YOU think? Do these ads do a good job of communicating each brand’s identity and value proposition? Why or why not?

And, as Father’s Day approaches, a question: do men ever get tired of ads that only want to sell them ties, cologne, barbecue gear, tools, watches, technology, alcohol and sports? Just wondering.


6 thoughts on “Guys just wanna have fun…

  1. ellenbasler

    I think that the first a ( does do a good job of communicating it’s brand benefits, cheap and good quality razors. I did find the commercial entertaining and I found it was easy to understand what they were selling and why. They are specifically targeted at men and even though I am not the target audience I enjoyed learning about the company and its brand identity in the minute and a half video.
    Boston Pizza, like, was talking about the high quality of their brand in a comical way. The value proposition here was that they are focused on providing customer with high quality food. Boston Pizza, however, is more well known, so people are able to infer more from the ad than with Dollarshaveclub.
    As for the Father’s Day ad, I find it more of a reminder just like Mother’s Day ads that have a similar idea with trying to sell flower, perfumes and chocolates.

  2. Mathuri

    I like the idea of personifying the brands. Both Boston Pizza and Dollar Shave Club have given personalities that people can relate to, and make it entertaining for the viewer while also communicating the functional benefits.

    I also enjoy the Boston Pizza one especially (but this could include the Dollar Shave Club) because it doesn’t really imply that it’s only for men. Many of my female friends enjoy going out for wings and this ad made me seriously crave some!

    The cool thing about Dollar Shave Club is that females can use their products too, and they say that on the website. I enjoyed the Dollar Shave Club advertisement much more than the stuff we get for women. I think with Venus we got waterfalls and beaches?

    I agree with Ellen regarding the Father’s Day ads. Mother’s day ads ambush us with flowers, perfumes, chocolates, and a lot of pink. Brands tend to lose creative appeal and stick to the formula, “moms like chocolates and flowers, men like gadgets and tools”.

  3. Magdalena Szlezak

    I believe both ads are very entertaining and appropriate in attracting the target audiences attention. As a female, I found both commercials funny and entertaining but had trouble understanding some of the humour in the ads as it is targeted at males.
    Firstly, Boston Pizza is traditionally known as a restaurant that busy, working mothers can bring their families to enjoy a meal. Boston Pizza is trying to expand its market through the use of commercials that use humour to appeal to male demographics. The actor in the ad is doing a sports analysis of the wings while wearing a green golf jacket, and this humour may not resonate with females if they don’t have a lot of sports knowledge. The commercials about wings may have a spillover effect as wing sales may increase from not only males going to sports bars with their friends, but also attract families who will have wing night dinners. (another commercial I saw of Boston Pizza targeting males:
    Additionally, also does a good job at communicating its value proposition of providing cheap, good quality razors while grabbing a males attention through quirky jokes and an entertaining ad. Lastly, I don’t think males get tired of ads marketing ties, sports, alcohol, etc., because whenever I ask a male friend or brother what they want as a gift, those are always the typical products they suggest. They can get away with continuously advertising these products as firms always have a new version or better quality offering among those products (males want the lastest, best version of the products listed above)

  4. Hinal Patel

    After viewing both the advertisements, I do agree with Ian that are they memorable and entertaining. Particularly, the Boston Pizza ad focuses on product quality by allowing the actor to discuss details about the presentation of the wings. In addition, by hearing his input after consuming the food, we as consumers are given reinforcement that the food is high-quality and meets our tastebuds. Based on the ad, it is perceived that BP’s value proposition is focused on high-quality and wide variety of menu offerings. By focusing the ad on wings, it allows consumers to learn that there are other offerings available rather than just pizza (inferred from brand name). In addition, the Dollar Shave Club ad is very humorous and does target males very well as it compares their products with competitors and their product features. Both ads are very clearly communicated.
    In terms of Father’s Day, I do agree with Ellen that these types of advertisements help create a small reminder for children to purchase gifts for their parents. However, there is a similar stereotype when purchasing products for Mother’s Day as well.

  5. shirinirani123

    I am not in the targeted audience but after seeing both advertisements, they are for sure memorable – which is the point of the whole ad! Its memorable because in my eyes, it’s a humorous/sarcastic appeal that they are pitching on; based on the male stereotype. It’s entertaining but does it really evoke the value proposition? I don’t think so… It seems as if this serious/ sarcastic approach is too humorous for customers to actually appreciate the food and the value of BP.

    On the other hand, the Father’s day ad isn’t meant for father’s/men to see. I agree with my peers and feel that these types of advertisements are used to subliminally remind women and children to purchase gifts for the occasion!

  6. Amy Lu

    1. Boston Pizza are focusing on very truly customer’s food experience: using many described words into details. But kind of narrow the customers to male working bee rather than groups of people ( blocked families, friends? suit: white collars) ??
    2. are very grounded to reality. It showed you everything: why this company exist, the value they provide, how it get selected,packaged, transported to end customers.
    3. Father’s day gifts are very clear what a male need in society: more about their social status and identity.key words: lavish, brandy, fancy and expensive. Not really sure whether the gift receivers truly need or not. it is more about passively asked by society.


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