Can Pepsi strip Coke of its cool?

Via your classmate Rinky, take a look at the new summer campaign for Pepsi takes on Coke–but not its flavour. Pepsi’s message seems to be that it owns “action,” so drinking a Pepsi can get you free concert tickets, whereas Coke just gets you an icon (the polar bear) or special label (the “Share a Coke,” names-on-label campaign).

Only with Pepsi commercial





Whether or not you think this comparative ad is effective in knocking Coke down, mocking the Share a Coke campaign seems particularly awkward given that Pepsi Canada has just tried a similar move with special limited-time “Pepsi moji” cans.

Pepsi moji can




7 thoughts on “Can Pepsi strip Coke of its cool?

  1. Ali Waqaas

    In my opinion Pepsi is hurting itself by making these comparative ads that do little damage to coke. These ads are not knocking down coke but are effectively positioning Pepsi’s brand identity in relation to coke, which than reinforces their status as the # 2 brand in the soda industry, trying to play catch up to Coke. This ad also shows Pepsi as more conceited while giving coke a much more humble and a “gentle giant ” image. Lastly the fact that Pepsi had introduced the Pepsi Moji cans, and are now mocking coke for doing the same thing makes it look confused about their conflicting stand.

  2. shirinirani123

    Coke and Pepsi’s rivalry is quiet heated and for years both have been competing on taste. When I saw this campaign the first thing that popped into my mind is a campaign that’s similar that works quite well for another company. Apple has various commercials where they compare the Apple personality to PC’s. That campaign works well as it ridicule’s the company [PC] by mocking its slow processing and its brand personality of being outdated and slow. That campaign works well as the product offering varies. I feel like Pepsi thought they could imitate this by showing how Pepsi’s offering is better, however the campaign they initiated is fairly similar to ‘share-a-coke’ which I feel decreases their credibility of being innovative. Apple’s innovative relevancy works towards their advantage whereas; Cola consumers might just see this move by Pepsi as a low blow.

  3. Michelle Tracey

    I believe that there are more individuals that have Brand Resonance with Coke as opposed to Pepsi. People will decorate their rooms in their homes or restaurants with old fashioned Coke bottles, pictures of Coke ads from the 50’s or 60’s and any other Coke memorabilia. Also there is a Coke branded store in Niagara Falls where you can purchase Coca Cola floats, pop, Coke flavoured snacks and various Coca Cola merchandise.

    In regards to the Pepsi ad, I believe that because Coke has customers that are very loyal to their brand they will be annoyed with Pepsi’s ad as it is offending their opinion. A lot of people are also neutral to the products and don’t prefer one brand over the other so this risks that these people will also be annoyed with the fact that Pepsi is taking an aggressive and direct approach to insulting Coca Cola.

  4. Thivya S

    Normally when i see a campaign where Coca Cola is trying to copy Pepsi or vice versa its actually very interesting. They come out with different flavours or different incentives that is good for competition. The recent share a coke campaign definitely got people to that brand resonance stage if they werent already there because they got to share their experience with another person they loved. Now when I walk into a gas station or go to restaurant i know that i prefer to go somewhere that provides coke products over pepsi. In general, i dont really like this spin that pepsi is doing. I think theyre reaching to far into what they think the current trend is which is technology and emoji ruled convo and tried turning that into a campaign. At first glance i thought it may be cool which is good because i wanted to learn more about it but then once i did i felt it was a little weird and a low blow attack on Coke. They have done better in the past but i cant see why they felt the need to do anything possible to match up to the success Coca-Cola just had with share a coke.

  5. valeriestark

    As a consumer that is not loyal to either Pepsi or Coke, I find these comparative ads very effective. The ads are very clever, which makes them stand out. The brand is able to knock down Coke by making fun of their campaigns while demonstrating how Pepsi offers consumers something extra. The ads are funny and I think this humour appeal works for many consumers. It puts viewers in a positive mood that can enhance persuasion, making them more likely to buy Pepsi. However, as you can see from some of the other comments, the downfall is that when people are brand loyal to the opposing brand that is being mocked (in this case, Coke), they can become upset. This could push them to share negative feedback about the brand.

    In understanding this, the Pepsi Moji campaign is a complete contradiction to the video ads. Pepsi’s videos are essentially making fun of this campaign, which creates a huge misalignment. I think it would have been much more effective if Pepsi would have stuck to one or the other but by launching both, the effectiveness is definitely minimized.

  6. Ridhima Gujral

    As a consumer who is not loyal to either brand, and does not drink “soda” I don’t think these marketing initiatives are that successful. They’re innovative yes…and they definitely create buzz but never has it actually wanted to make me drink a coke or a pepsi! The competition between the two brands has been serious for a while now, however I will say the pepsi ads had a humours appeal making them quite memorable. I agree with the comments above though that state the Pepsi approach may have been to aggressive and may not have a positive perception in the mind of the consumer.

  7. Kensuke Kobayashi

    Regardless of how clever the campaign is or not the rivalry between coke and pepsi will go on for a very long time. I believe pepsi did this campaign to respond to coke and give awareness to the people that the rivalry still continues. The true loyal pepsi fans will love any commercial and campaigns that pepsi releases as long as its within the mediocre to great range.


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