You millennials are driving brands to “refresh” themselves and it’s awkward.

Via your classmate Mathuri, an interesting article about brands that are attempting to stay relevant to the new powerhouse in the market: the Millennial Generation.


You tell me: do these gestures work? Or would you simply not consider these brands, so matter how they reinvent themselves?


7 thoughts on “You millennials are driving brands to “refresh” themselves and it’s awkward.

  1. theappreciationfactor

    Great article though I’m likely in the Oldster category. I see the benefits in ensuring you are attracting younger audiences, and while I do think the image of the Maxwell House is a bit out there, it’s definitely taking a new road to coffee that none of the other powerhouses (you know who they are) are doing.
    I thought the hotel businesses changes were great – though sad re: RuthChris as that dark and wooden bar is part of the “steak-house” appeal. Good humor – LOVE IT – had one come to our offices one day – several truck and several social media challenges for free stuff.
    If brands don’t adjust they will fall by the wayside as their brands core audiences deplete, but they must always be true to their brand positioning and their usefulness to their customers’ no matter what age they are.
    Great share.

  2. shirinirani123

    As a target market of all these rebranding attempts, I think some of them are thought out really well, like the Steak-house visuals being modified to appeal to a younger crowd. However, some of them like the iced-coffee seem far-fetched and too great of a change to appeal new target markets. Subtle changes are key, like pizza-hut and their dough variations but I do not think it is feasible to create a whole new product (the package iced-coffee infusers) as the target market has to put in the effort to purchase it over the original product offerings. Thus, I feel like brands should adjust over the years but gradual changes would be safer & feasible rather than extreme product shifts. Great read, thanks for the sharing!

  3. Hinal Patel

    I do agree with my peers that some of these gestures are a bit extreme and drastic however, I believe some are very effective. With the millenial generation being the largest population currently, it is a strong strategic move for companies to focus their marketing tactics on this new demographic and target market. That being said, I did find the Pizza Hut and Ruth’s Steakhouse to be great changes as it still aligns with the company’s core values and unique selling proposition. A key note to take into consideration is that sometimes drastic changes can alter the view of current loyal customers however, the risk could also help the company distinguish themselves as the #1 leader within the industry.

    As a millenial, I do believe that some brand’s rebranding does impact my purchase behaviour as it allows me to understand the additional/new features they are promoting vs. traditional means.

  4. ellenbasler

    This was a very interesting article and I found it intriguing how these brands prefer to go after the younger market with new ideas rather than leverage the brand heritage. Some of the ideas made sense but others seemed like they were reaching for anything that may get people involved. For example Nascar and basically having the two separate events that don’t really feed into each other. However, some of the more subtle changes seem like they would have a greater impact because they are not tossing something random in and hoping it brings in millennials but they are keeping their core product or service, like Pizza Hut. It is always good to innovate an older product and companies are always looking for ways to appeal to new target audiences. However, if they are completely changing the core to attract new audiences they may lose their original audience in the process.

  5. Eric Gin

    I think these brands are being proactive in their approach to try and connect with the millennial population. The segment is a very large and profitable one and with these brands main consumers slowly passing away they are going to need to find new sources of revenue for the future.

    Personally, I appreciate a brand that makes an authentic effort to try and connect with the consumer. However, brands have to make sure that they don’t go too far in terms of product/service modifications to better serve millennials. Drifting too far away from the company’s core values and unique selling proposition is a recipe for disaster.

  6. Thivya S

    When a brand is able to accept that their current brand is a little outdated, i could potentially be intrigued to learn more about new branding effort. I personally think some of these organizations have done a great job. I have seen the KFC ads before and have been blown away. They were successful in getting the attention of the target market by using current trends such as humour. I also like a few of the other ones like the pizza hut one because they dont deviate from what they usually promise. its important for me when a company tries to re-market themselves that they stay true to what they promise especially when its food which i believe pizza hut was able to do.


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