…But Not Artificially-Coloured Rainbows

1007062554-General-Mills-to-Cut-Artificial-Flavors-From-CerealsVia your classmate Chetan, another effort by a growing group of brands to look like they care about the consumers who buy and use their products. This time, it’s removing food colouring from processed foods.

Chetan writes: “I think this has a lot to do with what we’ve been discussing in terms of sensory appeal and the need to rebrand to keep up with changing consumer preferences. Might be interesting to [consider] how this will change their branding strategy, especially since certain demographics (like kids) are drawn to cereal foods because they look very fun/colourful.

Chetan’s question is a good one – to whom must consumer products companies appeal most, the shopper (in this case, parents) or the consumer (their kids)?




2 thoughts on “…But Not Artificially-Coloured Rainbows

  1. Eric Gin

    In the case of breakfast cereals I think that it is in the company’s best interest to appeal to the consumer (the kids). The consumer has a very strong influencer effect on the purchase decision of CPG products and getting them on board is a key to driving sales. Numerous research studies have been conducted to prove this point. Children often try to influence their mothers’ purchases of child-related products, so GM’s decision to make their “kid-oriented” cereals not so kid friendly could hurt them in the long-run.

  2. shirinirani123

    Great share! The health-conscious target market is growing day by day, as parents are looking to provide the best for their children. I think that their sales will not decrease as this changing target market will appreciate the changes General Mills is making. Also in this situation, the one’s purchasing the cereal is the parents so they essentially have the buying decision power. The product itself is meant to be eaten by children but I feel that General Mills has done a great job with their logos and mascots to appeal to children. Kids tend to look at those brand attributes, rather than the look of what they’re actually eating. To keep up with the trends I feel that General Mills is making the right move! The article highlights the struggle cereal industry faces with being relevant and I feel like with parents buying more Greek yogurt and organic alternatives; the cereal industry does need to implement changes to being healthier for consumption aka being relevant! Overall, I feel that since the money is in the hands of the parents General Mills should appeal to them more than the kids.


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