Making the Rainbow Connection

Stoli gay support

I’m a bit slow to be posting this, but as the Supreme Court’s decision shows, it’s never too late to do the right thing! 😉

Via your classmate Ellen, brands showing their support of the ruling to make same-sex marriage legal in the US.

What are the boundary conditions on this? Can any brand be vocal about its politics, or does the organization need to be confident that it won’t be the target of consumer or competitive backlash? (e.g. the Stoli ad above; note that Absolut vodka has been a vocal supporter of the gay  community for decades. Does Stoli risk being seen as insincere?)


2 thoughts on “Making the Rainbow Connection

  1. Ali Waqaas

    These attempts by brands might be seem like an attempt by these brands to cash in on the success of people who were actually struggling for a cause and using that cause towards their own interests. I am not doubting that these brands may support same-sex marriage but putting your brand’s name behind it as if the brands has been through all the ups and downs of that struggle can be categorized as insensitive.

  2. Ridhima Gujral

    This is a little controversial, but I believe that as America changes with their views, the brands might have to change as well. Therefore, I don’t think the brands participating in this marketing campaign did it in bad taste. I can relate to this personally…as an individual I completely support gay rights but have not taken an active approach to fight for these rights. However, seeing the law passed in America gave me a sense of joy, and excitement! I was genuinely happy. Although I haven’t taken any active steps to make this change happen, I do believe I can still show my happiness/support the same way the brands have.

    However, I will acknowledge the fact that some definitely may just be trying to “get in” on the trend, and create some buzz. If going forward these brands continue to show their support in some way, then we (as consumers) will know how genuine the brand actually was.

    On a side note, I saw an Absolut Vodka bottle that participated in this marketing initiative at LCBO in Kitchener, and I definitely bought it to add to my collection! (


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