Chuckie’s back, and it’s not a horror story


Converse has released its first new Chuck Taylor All-Star in 100 years. An article in Fast Company notes that All Star sales made up the “majority” of Converse’s $1.7 billion in revenue in 2014 and asks, “how do you redesign the Coca-Cola of shoes without becoming the New Coke of shoes?”

What do you think: is there a market for a “premium” All-Star?



One thought on “Chuckie’s back, and it’s not a horror story

  1. shirinirani123

    Thanks for sharing! I believe that Converse is like the Apple of the shoe industry. As most consumers know, it does not matter what Apple comes out with; their loyal customers will still wait in line on the release day to purchase the new product. Similarly, I feel that Converse has that brand equity and loyalty from customers for there to be a market for these ‘premium chucks’! As mentioned in the article, the shoes can be misconceived as the regular ones, at a glance, but I think the loyal Chuck’s owners are probably dying to get their hands on these new shoes!


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