Best. Social. Media. Troll. Ever.


No set up commentary necessary – just read AdWeek’s article. HiLARious.


One thought on “Best. Social. Media. Troll. Ever.

  1. Kensuke Kobayashi

    Really enjoyed reading all the honest answers the guy commented on peoples posts. It was honest and for loyal fans of target I truly believe that’s what they think of the haters. I think popularity comes with not just the loyal fans but as well as the haters.I believe because of the haters and the loyal customers clash, that’s where a lot of the popularity grows. For example Apple before it was a the market leaders, they were bashed by so many pc lovers and the apple fan boys would fight each other and give attention to more and more people. I think Justin Bieber is still in the celebrity world because of the haters giving more attention to everyone about Justin Bieber unlike Ashton Kutcher. But at the end of the day corporations shouldn’t be fighting but literally get more loyal fans to fight for them. That is the best way for a brand to grow .


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