Still not out of the woods


Speaking of individuals’ personal brands…an article via your classmate Adam (because as we all know, my personal brand does not include being knowledgeable about sports) about Tiger Woods’ brand’s rise and fall.

Adam writes: “considering that Tiger Woods was the Worldwide Athlete of the Year 5 times and then after the scandal he can’t make a tournament cut, it has impacted the golf industry significantly.”

Do you agree? Are there examples in other sports where scandal has not had a significant impact?


One thought on “Still not out of the woods

  1. Kensuke Kobayashi

    I personally believe it’s more about the athlete becoming old and doesn’t know when to quit. There are many stars in the athlete world play sports and aren’t self aware to know when to quit. Notable examples are Ichiro Suzuki, he is like 43 and his last couple of years batting average is in the .200s but when his whole career was in .300s and was in the all stars. Martin Brodeur a NHL goalie known to be one of the greatest of all time decides to stay longer to achieve records but at the end of the day ruining his brand. The very last season he played he had the worst Goals against average in the whole league and to me they just weren’t self aware of when to quit.


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