Bottom line: Do you care?


The “Intel Inside” campaign, launched in 1991, is an oft-cited example of “ingredient branding.” At the time (and probably, ever since), the idea was considered revolutionary: meaningfully branding a microprocessor chip that no one ever saw, touched — really, never interacted with at all. As if the vast majority of consumers would have known what to do with it if they did.

The problem is, it worked too well – consumers recognize the Intel Inside slogan, but may not know why they know it, and what it means for them. Now Intel has launched an extension of the campaign, called, “Intel inside makes amazing experiences outside.”

Take a look and ask yourself:

a.) Do I understand what having an Intel chip means?

b.) Do I care?

Well….do you?

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2 thoughts on “Bottom line: Do you care?

  1. Dejan Eskic

    The Intel Inside campaign, I think, has achieved an unparalleled level of brand salience compared to their competitor AMD. They achieved resonance with the average consumer who knows nothing about what or why an Intel chip is better than alternatives, but they’ll still defend it as the best choice. It’s almost like they skipped brand meaning for the majority of their customers to get there; everyone knows their chips perform the best, but the product itself doesn’t conjure up a powerful image in most people.

    The new campaign, does a good job of creating tangible brand imagery that a wide audience can relate to. After watching the ad I can see what Intel chips allow me to do. Do I care? A little bit more now.

  2. AmyOriental

    Intel chip is as powerful to end users’ digital life but easy to ignore. We may notice our laptop has Intel inside because there is a sticker on laptop and fully benefited from it: the high responsiveness, compatible and convenience. That is to say, regards Brand salience, it is everywhere, intangible (so powerful as a drivers, high values) and also tangible( it is a chip, Intel is an actual existing public company) and make all kinds of amazing imagery become possible. For example, advanced hi-technology, 3D films and fabulous fashion campaigns etc. We all familiar with its 3-4 seconds inter music, blue & white theme logo, big circle, sort of meaning embedded everything inside.

    In customers mind, it is strong, favourable, unique.

    It is hard to describe what is the brand responses from customers. Intel is high innovative, interesting, high functional and trustworthy as a leader in industry.

    As mentioned above, It already rooted in customers mind, so the brand relationships are super tight and strong.


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