Puppy Monkey HUH??

Now that the big brands have given us their (cough) best, it’s time to review the ads that were broadcast for Super Bowl  50 and think about what worked…and what didn’t.

One of the most polarizing ads of the night was for Mountain Dew’s line extension, Kickstart.  So I ask you: did it work? If so, at what, and why/how?


2 thoughts on “Puppy Monkey HUH??

  1. AmyOriental

    The puppy monkey baby is combined by pug’s head+ money ‘s upper body + baby ‘s legs with diaper. first impression is like an unbelievable alien. Three breeds are not even related. That is the real representation of Mountain Dew new product launching: Dew, juice,caffeine! Also, the puppy monkey baby just swaggeringly kicked into people’s house with drinks and ice bucket at their entertaining time and served them. Three guys were habitually watching TV, felt bored and tired and kind of be forced to drink ( i.e. hard to say “no”regards courtesy, also driven by curiosity). the effect was very obvious, after drank it, they were fully charged and energized. They followed puppy monkey baby with simple music beats…. Overall, the 3 words “puppy monkey baby” repeated the 11 time.

    The commercial is short but impressive. audience would be impressed by the weird puppy monkey baby and then indirectly mountain dew ‘s new product launch: kick start, puppy monkey baby.

    I think that is viral branding. It comes from grass roots(as everyone have tired &bored time after dinner), spreading by buzz: puppy monkey baby. customers may value it as cool and fashion, and easy to be spread by parties, word of mouth, which drive them making the first time purchasing decision and repeat buying…

  2. Zac Kuepfer

    I personally did not like the puppy monkey baby campaign, although I would argue that it was successful. Many people found it very funny and it was widely shared and talked about after the Superbowl. The campaign brought in a lot of publicity for Mountain Dew and many people were talking about the brand.


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