How meta is this?

shocktop extended cutJust when you thought the Superbowl ads were analyzed to death, here’s a new spin: an “extended cut” posted by Shock Top brand beer, in which the characters from of its Superbowl ad, comic T.J. Miller and the punk-citrus brand character “Shock Top,” watch and comment upon other Superbowl ads, including other beers.

What do you think: is this a cheeky take on Superbowl advertising, a desperate bid for more attention, a new advertising genre, or … ?

(it helps if you’ve watched the original Shock Top ad as well as some of the commercial highlights before watching the extended cut – or else their comments aren’t funny and don’t make sense).

(p.s. Shock Top is owned by Anheuser-Busch, which is helpful to know when the two characters are mocking Budweiser ads.)


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