Hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned…

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Via your classmate Eric, an (elaborate!) YouTube video created by a consumer who, according to the title of the video, “Made a Mistake and Bought a Jeep.”

If the power of the brand is in the mind of the consumer, and if that consumer is FURIOUS, videos like this one are just the beginning.

What should Jeep do, if anything? What shouldn’t the brand do?



One thought on “Hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned…

  1. AmyOriental

    Maybe Chrysler is too big to realize individual complain like it. Every famous brand has their fans and un-lovers. but I already this video incurred a lot of complains. Their PR should at least say something to address their care/ attitude of existing and potential customers. There may be some misunderstanding or a good chance for upgrade on customer service and car manufacturing and quality designing. At least, customers pointed out its problems. At least, customers intend to help them correct and regain trust from brand.

    For my personal experience, I love Cherokee. and Indeed,no one is perfect. I just bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee 4* 4 last September. And I care it like managing a relationship not merely using it because worked so hard to pay it $$$$$.

    It only let me down twice: 1 safety recall regards a A/C parts wrong placement which would incur my engine on fire. However after 5 minutes examine, my car was all fine. 2. Last month, during vacation when I reversed it, Its back wheels were trapped into the snow, without a towing service, I cannot drive out from snowy pit ( attempted put carpet under front wheels, cleared all snows around 4 wheels gaining friction, switched to snow mode,reversed first and put gas while turning left). My friends said for me: so sad, see! it is a Jeep 4*4.


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