Papa John, er, Peyton, celebrates the Super Bowl by kissing his Budweiser, uh, wife

Peyton Manning SBowlVia your classmate Erin, an article in MarketWatch about Peyton Manning’s apparently unsponsored (but repeated) plug for Budweiser and Papa Johns.

According to the article, he’s done something similar before, and has a financial interest in two Louisiana Anheuser-Busch distributors and bought 21 Papa Johns franchises in the Denver area in 2012.

So, is it a brand plug? If so, does it matter if he has financial interests in the brands he talks about? Is this an ethical concern, a brand equity concern, or both?


2 thoughts on “Papa John, er, Peyton, celebrates the Super Bowl by kissing his Budweiser, uh, wife

  1. AmyOriental

    I think that is the sport celebrity’s personal choice. No matter whether financial interest involved behind his words, he has his choice to express. Indeed, he merely said he would embraces his families and drink Budweiser but didn’t have any persuasion. There is a viral effect after his interview, it just showed as celebrity effect. Our common people ‘s words are not weighted as this way, bolstered Budweiser sales overnight just by his several seconds indirect ads during the interviews. Anyway, he is the big winner at this moment, with a leading effect to everything to his fans, but who knows the result next year?

    Brand equity: definitely it is brand equity, but hard to clearly figure out whether sport star is doing brand promotion to the beer or vice versa. Both of them are brand. maybe later social media will frequently associate Budweiser to Peyton.

  2. lucianolublog

    This is definitely a brand plug, and I don’t think it matters if he has a financial interest in the brands he’s talking about. A plug can happen with or without financial interest. For the most part, no one can stop him from what he’s going to say during an interview. Especially if he wants to plug a couple brands that he’s interested about. I don’t think it’s unethical as well because in the end, many things are about business and this is just one way that can be seen as advertising. I doubt this is a concern that people should read too much into. It was a harmless plug for him as he clearly has financial interest in those brands and wants them to do well.


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