If Brands Consumed Their Own Products

absolut if it drank absolut

Via your classmate Cong, a graphic designer re-imagines brand logos if they consumed their own products. Which is your favourite?



2 thoughts on “If Brands Consumed Their Own Products

  1. lucianolublog

    My favourite is either the McDonald’s one or the Absolut one. I think those two are the best examples of what actually can happen if they were to induce their own products. The other ones were creative as well but some were a little confusing the grasp compared to McDonald’s and Absolut. This however overall was a very creative thing to do and bravo to the designer for doing so. It was definitely very cool and something I’ll be sharing with my friends.

  2. Erin Cronin

    Though they are all extremely creative and funny, the Nutella one is fantastic. Many people may not find it funny if they don’t understand it, but I think it is hilarious. Others such as the McDonald’s and Absolut ones are good as well, as they are extremely true with regards to what happens when you consume their product(s). I think it would actually be extremely effective to mirror these logo’s beside each other when advertising to consumers just to spread awareness on what their products do to you. Especially Nutella.


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