Sam Who?


Via your classmate Emily–and a great lead in to our future discussion on global branding– this story about Samsung “debadging” (removing its logo) from its devices in specific international markets. Emily writes:

“[The article] talks about the company removing the “Samsung” logo from the front of the devices in the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean markets but leaving it for other markets such as the U.S.
There is no explanation so far from the company regarding this decision but I found this article’s proposed reasoning interesting. One explanation being that Samsung is attempting to replicate Apple’s iPhone prestige look, having the design speak for itself. On the flip side, another explanation was that Samsung is trying to remove negative associations of the brand (backed by sales decline) with their devices – perhaps more people will give the S7 a chance if they did not know it was a Samsung device.
However, in the other markets, the Samsung brand is necessary to drive sales as it provides the “halo effect” for all of its devices.
In conclusion after reading this article, my question is why did Samsung decide to remove its logo from the front of the device for these Asian markets and will this actually prove to make a difference in driving sales growth?”
What do you think – how would you answer Emily’s question?

3 thoughts on “Sam Who?

  1. Brian Lee

    I think one reason can be that Samsung want to prove their capability to make a cell phone. It’s like if the product itself is good enough, people will buy it even if it has no brand name.

    Another reason can be that although Samsung decided to remove their logo but they still use a name Galaxy S7, in which people know it is Samsung’s. Samsung may judged that Galaxy smart phone is famous enough in their major market so removing logo won’t affect the buying decision but making the look of the smartphone better

  2. Tony Chen

    I think the reason why samsung do that is to generate curiosity. People will be curious about who is the maker of the phone then find out it is samsung’s product. They want to create a sense of mystery to spark customer’s interest and lead them to identify it is the samsung brand instead of giving to them directly. Some people might have bad preconceive notion of samsung brand and will have biased judgement on Galaxy 7. Samsung doesn’t want the impression on previous galaxy series affects their new product.

  3. lucianolublog

    Personally I feel like it has to do with the quality and association with the phone. Apple has been so dominate over the world that Samsung how has to do something radical in order to potentially capture more of the market share. One way they would be doing this is why creating a quality phone that will speak for itself, and hope that will sell with consumers. It also probably wants to remove the initial fact that the phone is a Samsung built phone, so that when the consumers purchase the phone because of the quality they will then realize that Samsung is capable of producing such products.


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