The Most Interesting Man…on Mars


In a timely prelude to our “managing brands over time” discussion, Dos Equis has decided to retire the Most Interesting Man in the World–a character it has used since 2006–by sending him on a one-way trip to Mars.

Is it time? Is it too late? When is the ideal moment to wrap up a brand-defining campaign?



One thought on “The Most Interesting Man…on Mars

  1. lucianolublog

    I think that they chose a good time time retire this character. It was not too late where people were annoyed of him, but at the same time, it was not too early where the company could have achieved more with him. The ideal moment to retire these campaigns seem to be when it has been the topic of conversation for some time and you want to retire the campaign in good thoughts. Or it can be when there seems to be negative associations that are starting to get tied with the campaign. It’s difficult for companies to actually pick when that time is as no one wants to end something when it still has more potential or when it has been dragged on so long that it’s starting to actually hurt the brand. In this Dos Equis case, I think they picked a good time, they did well with this campaign where people aren’t annoyed of this man, but they also achieved a lot with it, going out “hot.”


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