Now you can do bicep curls while eating chips and watching TV!

Pepsi dumbell

Pepsi is gearing up for summer with a new bottle shape to help consumers get in shape. “Inspired by healthy habits and exercise, the standard 2 liter bottle has transformed into a 2 kilogram dumbbell perfect for light weightlifting.”

Since I don’t know of many folks who drink Pepsi in the gym, and I can’t picture anyone doing bicep curls while binge watching Netflix, who/what is this for? Showing off at the beach? And is it clever, or trying too hard?

In the overview, it says that Pepsi wanted “an irreverent way to show Pepsi Light’s benefits.”

Does it work?

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8 thoughts on “Now you can do bicep curls while eating chips and watching TV!

  1. emilyvwong

    I think this is actually a really interesting and “unique” concept as it captures a lot attention. I’m not sure who Pepsi is trying to target with this new bottle (whether it is actually to motivate consumers to get in shape or if it’s for fun) but either way, I think it is novel enough to entice many consumers to purchase the product just to keep the bottle. But I agree with Dr. Wilner – people who drink Pepsi probably aren’t very health conscious to begin with so the new packaging design really doesn’t do much encouraging at all. Overall, I think it’s a clever idea and will increase their sales in the short-run but no, I don’t think it will create any sort of long-term health movement. Who knows, maybe these people will fill the bottle with water later on to work out with?

  2. Brian Lee

    In my opinion, on the surface it looks somewhat new and interesting but it does not look like the special design can add much value. if you lift the bottle few times and open it, it will explode. Also, pepsi and workout has associations that contrast each other. Even if pepsi light has relatively low calories, one will not necessary drink pepsi light to lose weight… I think it is more like ‘ trying hard’ I think this bottle will be suitable for high school students who like to share interesting stuffs

  3. Tony Chen

    In my opinion, it is a very interesting advertising idea Pepsi came up with. The unique design of the bottle will definitely draw people’s attention. However, I don’t think this unique product design will add too much value to their brand. The only two benefits I think for this new bottle shape is that it promotes the concept of fitness and healthy. As well as it shows the creative aspect of the company’s product.

  4. Tony Chen

    I think it is an very interesting product design Pepsi came up with. It will definitely draw many people’s attention. However, I don’t feel it adds much value to their brand. It does indeed promote the healthly living style through fitness. But it has nothing to do with the product coke and I don’t think people will actually use it to work out. Overall, the new bottle design showcase the creativity of the company and the brand.

  5. lucianolublog

    Personally, I do not believe that this was targeted towards health conscious people or for people who like to work out. I think this bottle was created to spark interest into consumers solely based on how insane this bottle is. For the most part I think Pepsi wanted to capture attention and exposure with this marketing idea rather than targeting a specific group of people. An idea like this gets people talking, and word of mouth advertising is easily one of the best communication methods a brand can hope for. This bottle is also outrageous enough for the people who don’t regularly drink Pepsi to go out and buy it just because of the design.

  6. Zac Kuepfer

    I think this is an interesting marketing ploy by Pepsi. It definitely catches my attention and looks appealing, and i think that is all Pepsi intended it to do. It appears to be an attempt at convincing customers that their light Pepsi is somewhat healthy. I think that this was a good idea as its unique design can appeal to many people and it helps to further differentiate Pepsi from other competitors in store.

  7. Naina Arora

    I think this is a very creative marketing design by Pepsi. Though I’m not sure whether the same people who are eating chips and watching Netflix will use the product for bicep curls, I feel like they could use the fact that it’s “light” and market it to people as a light reward for a workout. People don’t really have associations between Pepsi and exercise, but I think Pepsi could come up with some creative marketing campaigns in order to encourage people to work out, and maybe post a picture about it to generate word of mouth.

  8. Erin Cronin

    I think this is a clever way to get the message across to consumers that healthy living and dietary choices are important. However, I think the majority of individuals who are living a healthier lifestyle do not consume too much Pepsi or other soft drinks other than once in a while. I tend to make healthier decisions and stray away from soft drinks or other sugary beverages, but I do indulge on some once in a while, but when I do, I know there really aren’t any health benefits to the choice I am making, so the shape of this bottle wouldn’t make me feel better about it and definitely wouldn’t entice me to consume more. As for the regular Pepsi drinkers, this may be misleading in the sense that they believe them drinking out of this type of bottle will lead them to a healthier lifestyle just by simply indulging. Not to say that this isn’t a healthier alternative to regular Pepsi or other soft drinks, but I think other campaigning for healthier lifestyles should be attached to the Pepsi name in order to really make a difference and not just re-shaping the bottle.


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