Emirates got game!

emerites soccer game

Uber-luxury airline Emirates had a bit of fun at a recent soccer match in Lisbon. Welcoming fans “aboard” the game poked fun at the usual airline safety instructions, while showing that the brand’s key ambassadors–flight attendants–have more skill than they get to show in flight.

Give the short video a watch and, keeping in mind the industry category, context and cultures involved answer the question: does this brand communication work? Why or why not?




3 thoughts on “Emirates got game!

  1. emilyvwong

    I think this was a very clever way of gaining brand recognition in an industry with consumers who the airline would not normally target or consider. From the video, you can see the fans smiling and sharing a laugh or two because it was a cheeky way to hype up the crowd before the game. It was also a change from the usual PA system announcement which grabbed the audience’s attention. However, with that being said, I don’t think this advertising will translate into any incremental action (soccer fans racing to fly with Emirates) as it was fun to watch but doesn’t encourage any call to action.

  2. lucianolublog

    This was a very creative way for Emirates to market their brand in a way that could potentially expose themselves to a high level of social media awareness. Videos like these go viral easily – as a person watching this video I can see myself sharing this with my friends and family. Which in turn, helps the Emirates brand have a very big reach. I actually do believe that this method of communication will work. Soccer fans are easily one of the most loyal/loving fans in the world, meaning that, many of these fans fly out to different cities in order to watch specific matches. With Emirates advertising in this sleek way, it embeds their airlines brand into these fans and the next time that they need to travel for a game, they could potentially fly with the Emirates Airline. Which I’m assuming is exactly what Emirates was targeting.

  3. Erin Cronin

    Usually I don’t like when brands use such overt marketing in situations such as sporting events, but this was actually very creative and I assume effective. When looking at the scoreboard during the video, one can see how the stadium or perhaps the event itself is sponsored by many brands, one being Emirates, so the reasoning for them being at the event and communicating to these fans makes sense. With regards to the actual message and delivery of communication, I think it was really witty and made fans smile. It may not have been effective in the sense that it caused individuals to book a flight right then and there with Emirates, but I think it gave the overall brand a more positive and light-hearted perception for the fans within the stadium which is a win for the brand.


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