A different type of personal branding

You may remember our recent class discussion about experiential marketing campaigns and using social media to create brand buzz. We watched the most recent WestJet Christmas Miracle campaign, and watched as the WestJet employees dashed about delivering mini-miracles.

What you may not know is that your classmate Paige has a cousin who works at WestJet and delivered a mini-miracle right to her! Here’s the shot Paige took and the photo caption for context:

West jet Mini Miracle_Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.12.11 PM

“So as I got off the plane last week, I joked to my cousin @reneejosee that I wanted my @westjet Christmas miracle to be a tree for the vacation condo. I was totally shocked and excited when she personally delivered one to Canmore tonight, complete with official WestJet gear and decore! 🎄🎁 #westjetchristmas#westjetmiracle #bestpresentever#merrychristmas” 

How cool is that?


3 thoughts on “A different type of personal branding

  1. Iorio, Di

    Aww this is too cool! This WestJet campaign definitely received a positive captive audience as they were really giving back to the community in which they operate.

    I think a lot of companies can learn from WestJet’s approach in delivering a personal experience to their customers as this greatly resonates with people. People feel empathetic for those that receive their Christmas wish, and in turn have a positive reaction to the WestJet brand.

    1. Paige O'Grady

      Thanks Ashley! I definitely agree with you. When brands create a personal experience with the customer, it makes a much bigger impact than would be possible through the usual advertising mediums. I bet that if they tracked the people involved in the making of the WestJet Mini-Miracles campaign, they would see a large percentage of them who have become brand loyalists as a result of their inclusion.

  2. Paul Viggiano

    I am a big fan of West Jet’s Christmas miracles! I have seen other companies try and unsuccessfully copy this idea but consumers view them as not genuine. I hope this continues but my only fear is how they can continue to top themselves year after year.


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