When the brand message is “unexpected,” what do you expect?

Nike’s promotion of Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving’s shoe collection emphasizes Irving’s “unexpected” moves. A series of ads numbers the moves (#1: the Kyrie Effect; #464: the Ky-Razzle Dazzle iD), illustrating the ways in which Irving’s play can surprise competitors–or just viewers of the ad. Among these: the Ky-rispy Kreme shoes, which emphasize a special rubber sole and are decorated with sprinkles. Limited editions of the shoe were handed out from a modified Krispy Kreme truck.


Image result for kyrie irving + questlove

Whereas most of the commercials in the series have Kyrie showing and talking about his moves, in the latest ad, the rhythm of Irving’s mad-dribble moves is simply juxtaposed with Questlove’s drumming. This execution attempts no explanation tying the shoe and the drum solo together.

The question is, does this latest ad work? And, if so, does is work with the rest of the campaign, or does it feel like the start of a fresh series? Is the co-brand with Questlove a good fit? What do you think?



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