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Best. Social. Media. Troll. Ever.


No set up commentary necessary – just read AdWeek’s article. HiLARious.


Still not out of the woods


Speaking of individuals’ personal brands…an article via your classmate Adam (because as we all know, my personal brand does not include being knowledgeable about sports) about Tiger Woods’ brand’s rise and fall.

Adam writes: “considering that Tiger Woods was the Worldwide Athlete of the Year 5 times and then after the scandal he can’t make a tournament cut, it has impacted the golf industry significantly.”

Do you agree? Are there examples in other sports where scandal has not had a significant impact?

Make yourself a cup of tea, curl up and read this article…

David's Tea

Although I’ve never met him, I’m still glowing with Canadian pride over David Segal, founder of David’s Tea. Segal, who is profiled in Fast Company’s “Lessons Learned” column, founded the company at 27 with his older cousin (okay, it doesn’t hurt to have a cousin who founded Le Château), but still, the kid has entrepreneurial chops…).  He has grown the company to 163 stores in Canada and the US, by building a brand that made tea drinking accessible, stylish and fun. It’s an interesting story and I know this is a brand many of you like. Enjoy!