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Campaign for Reel Branding Episode #8

The partners of Sensu Communications, Roxanne Tsui and Dolly Shao.

Interview here:

…and the 10 questions:

More about Sensu:



Kate Spade’s CMO on communicating the brand

Even if you’re not a Kate Spade fan, this short presentation is a fascinating peek behind the retail curtain. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer reveals key elements included in the retail space, website, blog and special events, all with the intent of communicating a voice and point of view.

Kate Spade

Fresh emotional branding + clever execution = Cool.


Via your classmate Akram, a wonderful example of a brand delivering delight. British Airways has found a way to remind consumers of the wonder of flying by introducing them to kids watching (British Airways) planes in “real time.” Take a look at the video and read the description of the execution here:

Almost makes you forgot about the 3-1-1 liquid rule while you take your shoes off and remove your laptop from its sleeve, doesn’t it?

Brand Fans

If you love a brand, you want to celebrate it year-'round, right?

If you love a brand, you want to celebrate it year-’round, right?

Perhaps when the semester started you doubted the importance of brands in your life, but I hope over the course of the term you’ve become more convinced.

Here, just one more small piece of evidence that when consumers love a brand, they will put time and effort into the relationship: seasonal android logos, just because. If you click on the link to see more, there’s also a link within that post for a whole line up of more than 35 Halloween-costumed Androids.


Re-branding an upstart bank

ING logo

ING Direct’s Canadian operation was recently bought by Scotiabank.

ING’s brand associations have traditionally been about being more innovative and consumer-focused than corporate; more about transparency than intimidation. To that end, when the online-only bank brand was first launched, it actually opened a cafe in New York City to raise awareness with a physical location (because there were no banks to visit). (A cafe also later opened in Toronto). 

Your classmate Anna has pointed out to me that as part of the acquisition, Scotiabank is rebranding:  the bank will soon be known as “Tangerine.” An interesting description of the process is here:

ING direct cafe NYC

ING Direct cafe, New York City


TORONTO, ON - May 14th, 2012 - ING Direct's cafe in downtown Toronto.

What do you think of the Tangerine rebrand? Will it resonate with Millenials?

It’s Time for Brand Integration! Sponsored by …

We haven’t talked a lot about brand integration (aka product placement) this term, but the practice of inserting branded products and services into other media is as ubiquitous as it is cheesy (hmmm, I wonder what brand of soft drink those American Idol judges prefer?”)

american idol coke

That’s why it’s somewhat refreshing to find Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts of Comedy Bang Bang having fun with their inevitable role as comedians who are also marketers.

Does being upfront about “brand integration” make it easier to take? If you were the brand manager paying for sponsorship, would you be okay with being spoofed?